Christ’s Generosity

Rewards in grace are connected to the generosity of Jesus Christ.

The owner connected the wage not to their effort – but to His generosity. The rewards system in the Kingdom of Grace differs from the rewards system of Law. Regarding righteousness, the Law says, “if you keep the law, you can have eternal life.” Grace says, “you can’t keep the Law. You need a propitiation. You need someone else to be your righteousness.” 

Through the Gospel, we discover this righteousness is given to us as a gift. It’s not just as if we “never sinned” It’s just as if we are Jesus Christ. He is our righteousness! 

Because we have Christ as our righteousness, we discover that not only is eternal life secured, but the reward is secured for us. Justification not only forgives our sins, but also makes us sons and heirs. We have the right to everything in the Father’s house through Christ.

Read the book Here -> Rewards and Service in Grace

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