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Soteriological implicaitons of “another justification”

Without allowing for the historical context given to us in Acts and Galatians, which clearly shows us the theological problems that were happening in Jerusalem and what was being taught there erroneously, and treating James’ letter as an apostolic document (he was not an apostle!) rather than a historical/wisdom document that should be included in […]

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Hebrews – Msg #28 “Moving on to Meat”

Transitioning from Milk to Meat – Warnings not to slip back into the system of the Law of Moses, emphasizing that Christians have everything they need through Christ. The temptation to go back to religious systems is not a desire for sinful things, but rather a desire for religious things. Neglecting the great salvation offered

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Hebrews – Msg #24 “The Training of the High Priest”

The Bible teaches that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, with the book of Hebrews providing an in-depth explanation of this concept. The gospel, which includes Christ’s accomplishments of redemption, reconciliation, and peace with God, is essential for salvation and holiness. Grace is found in Jesus Christ and can be experienced even while grappling with

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Hebrews – Msg #17 “A Son Over His House – Edification and Confidence” Confidence in the House Confidence in the House The Importance of Sonship and God’s Speaking The significance of sonship in delivering people from bondage and fear. It emphasizes the importance of understanding God’s speaking in the son and provides examples from Hebrews and Luke. Sonship is how God delivers us from the spirit of

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Hebrews – Msg #03 “Strong Words”

Hebrews Msg 3 the strong words and the prophecied vengeance coming to Jerusalem (70ad) I. Introduction (0:00-1:30) II. Hebrews and Biblical Prophecy (1:31-5:10) III. Admonitions in Hebrews (5:11-15:50) IV. The riches we have in Christ (19:16) V. Struggles faced by believers and the temptation to neglect salvation (19:58) VI. Believers grappling with conscience and faith

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Hebrews – Msg #05 “God’s Speaking in the Radiance of His Glory”

I. Introduction I’ve encountered some issues with outlining long messages. I’m not able to put timestamps in them for now, and if I was not super organized in my presentation of the data, its difficult for the outline to be generated. GPT is a good way to determine if your messages are coherent. if it

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Hebrews – Msg #21 “Edification Being a Matter of ‘Eternal Weight'”

Outline I. Introduction A. Overview of the concept of building and edification in the Bible B. Significance of Christ as Apostle and High Priest of the Church II. Building up believers for the habitation of God A. Role of believers in the building process (Hebrews 3:6, Galatians 2:20) B. Manifestation of Christ within believers (2

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