Rewards and Service in Grace – Paperback

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When a teacher puts forth works in place of Christ, for any matter, be it justification, sanctification, or reward – that teacher will ultimately damage the conscience of believers. In doing this, a believer shuts the door to their present enjoyment of the Kingdom.

The issue comes when you attach rewards to a wage system and use them to threaten believers with punishments for sins that were dealt with at the cross of Christ. Bad teaching on rewards produces an accursed Gospel.

In the Bible, there are two separate systems presented: the system of works, and the system of grace. While they are presented, only one is “legitimate” and offers justification and blessing. Most believers live caught between the two systems, believing that justification is by grace, but the blessing and the reward are by works. Seeing how rewards work in the system of grace is crucial if we are going to live free in Christ and actually participate in God’s great work as friends and stewards of His riches.


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This is a 76 page Book that will be delivered to your door within a couple of days.  While you wait, you can read the ebook which is also included in the purchase.

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Rewards and Service in Grace – Paperback
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