Christians Need the Gospel!

The Gospel is not merely the initial introduction to Jesus an invitation to believe in Him for forgiveness of sins.  The Gospel is the presentation of everything that Christ is to us as believers now and throughout Eternity.  Growth in Christ means we are to grow in the appreciation of the fact that He is everything to us!

Christianity is a field filled with doctrinal landmines that obscure our vision of Christ and destabilize our footing in grace.  Initially, we heard the good news that Jesus saves, and we believed.  But most of us we were quickly (and erroneously) taught that receiving Christ was one thing and living for Christ was another.

We were told initially that salvation was a gift, but over time many of us lost sight of the debt-free nature of our position as sons of God and heirs of Grace. We fell under the burden of the increasing weight of demands and requirements that came from teachings that were not according to Christ.   Many of us eventually fell into a ditch of legalism. 

The solution is to come back to the source of everything in the Christian life – the riches of Christ as the gospel.  Just as Christ is our righteousness, He is our wisdom, our sanctification and our life! 

The same way we began in the Christian life is how we area to continue in it – to realize that we can do nothing,  and look to Christ to be everything. Because we are justified by faith in Christ, He is able to give Himself freely to us without reservation.

As believers, we are Sons of God and Heirs of grace. Our primary need for growth, peace and joy in the Christian life is nourishment, which comes from the Gospel.

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