The Gospel is more than a basic introduction to Jesus and an invitation to believe. It’s the presentation of everything Christ is to us, both now and eternally. He is everything in the Christian life, and as we grow in knowledge of Him, we see this truth.

However, Christianity’s confusing doctrines can hinder our view of Christ and our ability to stand in grace. We heard that Jesus saves, but we were also given demands that turned salvation into a debt, not a gift. Many feel weighed down by debt, fear, and depression, believing they must earn God’s peace, presence, and comfort while avoiding punishment.

The good news is that God wants to bring us back to the source—the riches of Christ as the Gospel. Christ is our Savior, righteousness, wisdom, sanctification, and life! We don’t have to earn or maintain these blessings; we simply look to Him.

God’s purpose is to display Christ in His church, the essence of grace. Whether you prefer video, teaching, fellowship, or books, my goal is to provide content that helps you appreciate all that Christ is. Let’s journey together and discover the amazing riches of the Gospel.

Looking for the Subscription Option?

SUBSCRIPTOINS FINALLY BACK! After a month of having to go without because I had to migrate to a new backend for the subscrioption model, we're back up. Now my focus is going to be producing some unique things for subscribers including a search database that will give outlines and video recommendations for any topic I teach. Please consider subscribing to support the release of books. The next book to be released is a very unique study on Genesis. I've been releasing audio previews of this book on the Youtube Channel.

Preaching the Gospel to yourself -

Available as an Ebook (name your price) or a printed version (200 pages).  Aims to help believers keep the fundamental truths of the Gospel in mind. It encourages readers to regularly remind themselves of the Gospel and internalize its truths on a heart level. The devotional includes key verses that reveal our identity in Christ, and each section provides an example prayer and confession to help readers connect with God intimately. By meditating on God’s word and reflecting on our position in Christ, our faith is strengthened, assurance grows, and we experience peace and joy in the Christian life. This devotional serves as a powerful tool to renew and refresh ourselves with the Gospel truth.


New Site Feature - Content Hubs: coming shortly

This will be a great resource for new believers and people who want to get into the meat of the word.  There will be three content hubs with presented as quetsions and answers.  Questions will link to posts with short Bible studies with outlines and scripture references to demonstrate teachings about the topics.  

Christ as our righteousness answers questions such as:

  • How could righteousness have been of faith in the Old Testament when they did works and lived under the law? 
  • What is Satan’s accusation toward God? 
  • What does Paul mean when he talks about the “blessedness” of a person in Romans 4:6-8? 
  • Why is the gospel offensive to the legalist? 
  • What does it mean that the righteousness of God is manifested apart from the law? 
  • How is the gospel tied to an inheritance? 
  • How was the gospel known to people like Abraham and Abel? 
  • Is the Gospel the Milk, the Meat or Both?

This will take time to implement and write, but at the present time, I have about 40 posts for the content hub, “Christ as Our Righteousness”.    Future hubs include, “Christ as our Sanctification” and “Christ as Our Reward.”  


Recent Posts

Hebrews – Msg #29 “Diffusing the ‘Scary Verses'”

This teaching covers Hebrews 6:1-6 and emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s faith and avoiding false doctrines. It encourages believers to abide in Christ and not be moved away from the message of the gospel. Warns against being carried away by false teachings and traditions of men and clarifies that believers cannot lose their salvation,

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Hebrews – Msg #28 “Moving on to Meat”

Transitioning from Milk to Meat – Warnings not to slip back into the system of the Law of Moses, emphasizing that Christians have everything they need through Christ. The temptation to go back to religious systems is not a desire for sinful things, but rather a desire for religious things. Neglecting the great salvation offered

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Recently Released

Two Mountains Four Views

Gain a panoramic view of the concepts of law and grace from four unique perspectives. Witness the personification of these ideas and allow them to leave a lasting impression on your imagination, fixing your trajectory permanently toward Zion!

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