The Gospel is more than a basic introduction to Jesus and an invitation to believe. It’s the presentation of everything Christ is to us, both now and eternally. He is everything in the Christian life, and as we grow in knowledge of Him, we see this truth.

However, Christianity’s confusing doctrines can hinder our view of Christ and our ability to stand in grace. We heard that Jesus saves, but we were also given demands that turned salvation into a debt, not a gift. Many feel weighed down by debt, fear, and depression, believing they must earn God’s peace, presence, and comfort while avoiding punishment.

The good news is that God wants to bring us back to the source—the riches of Christ as the Gospel. Christ is our Savior, righteousness, wisdom, sanctification, and life! We don’t have to earn or maintain these blessings; we simply look to Him.

God’s purpose is to display Christ in His church, the essence of grace. Whether you prefer video, teaching, fellowship, or books, my goal is to provide content that helps you appreciate all that Christ is. Let’s journey together and discover the amazing riches of the Gospel.

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SUBSCRIPTIONS FINALLY BACK! After a month of having to go without because I had to migrate to a new backend for the subscrioption model, we're back up. Now my focus is going to be producing some unique things for subscribers including a search database that will give outlines and video recommendations for any topic I teach. Please consider subscribing to support the release of books. The next book to be released is a very unique study on Genesis. I've been releasing audio previews of this book on the Youtube Channel.

Cover for book -Galatians Companion Guide

Available as an Ebook (name your price) or a printed version (300 pages).

A Companion Guide to Galatians – Equipping You to Recognize Truth

Unlock the treasures in Galatians with this versatile companion guide! Designed to equip you to engage directly with God’s Word, this guide includes:

  •  Expository outlines tracing key Galatians themes verse-by-verse
  •  Condensed theological summaries of the biblical commentary (Galatians, Christ in Me as Life, The Spirit as the Blessing of the Gospel).  Can be used with the commentary to get deeper into it, or as a standalone with Galatians.
  •  Reflective questions to deepen understanding
  •  Glossary of key terms
  •  Flexible resources for individual study or group lessons

Get more than just a commentary – gain the tools to confidently approach God, speak spiritual truths, and resist deception. Let the living Word implant itself deeply through repeated scriptural encounters using this guide. Move beyond accumulating facts into true transformation and fellowship.

Whether you’re an individual learner, teacher, or minister, this companion guide will energize you with “ah ha” moments. Experience the Word anew, like a map revealing contours you’ve never noticed before. Ignite a fire within to lead others into biblical truth!

Equip yourself to recognize truth, discern error, and apply Galatians with this invaluable companion. Dive deeper into the treasures found in Christ alone!

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Two Mountains Four Views



4 Mountains Two Views is a book that explores the contrasting principles and people gathered to Sinai and Zion as presented in Galatians 4, Hebrews 12, 2 Cor 3, and Romans 7 and 8.

Comprehensive Exploration:

This comprehensive exploration offers a sweeping, all-encompassing, and detailed examination of the principles and people who gather around Sinai and Zion—symbols of law and grace.

Discover the sharp distinction between law and grace, as seen through the contrasting experiences of those connected to Sinai and those who find security in Zion, beholding the glory of Jesus Christ.



Key Insights:

Sinai and Zion, as outlined in Galatians 4, Hebrews 12, 2 Corinthians 3, and Romans 7 and 8.

Key insights include:

  • Grasping the contrasting principles and people of Sinai and Zion
  • Discerning the stark difference between law and grace
  • Comprehending the mindset and challenges of those bound to Sinai
  • Identifying the deceptive, legalistic Judaizers who misinterpret the Word
  • Embracing the splendor, liberation, and inheritance of Zion’s children
  • Honing the ability to distinguish between the “earthly” and the heavenly

Acquiring the Perspective:

Acquiring such a comprehensive perspective will empower you to steadfastly uphold the freedom we possess in Christ!


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