The Gospel isn’t just a basic introduction to Jesus as the one who died for our sins and an invitation to believe in Him. It’s so much more than that! The Gospel is the presentation of everything that Christ is to us as believers, both now and throughout eternity. As we grow in a detailed knowledge of Him, we will see that He is literally everything in the Christian life.

Unfortunately, Christianity is a minefield of confusing doctrines and teachings that can make it hard to see Christ clearly and stand firm in grace. We may have started out by hearing the good news that Jesus saves, and we believed it. But then we were told that receiving Christ was one thing, and living for Him was another. We were given a laundry list of demands and requirements that turned salvation into a debt we had to pay off rather than a gift.

For many of us, this sense of being constantly weighed down under the sense of debt, fear and even depression. We were taught that merely “going to heaven” was a guaranteed outcome, but in order to truly please God, experience His peace and presence, and receive His comfort in our lives, we had to earn it! And on top of that, we had to constantly strive to avoid punishment.

But here’s the good news: God wants to bring us back to the source of everything in the Christian life – the riches of Christ as the gospel. Christ is not just our Savior, He’s also our righteousness, wisdom, sanctification, and life! And the best part is that we don’t have to do anything to earn or maintain these things – we simply need to look to Him.

This is how God’s purpose to display Christ in His church is accomplished, and it’s the essence of grace. So whether you prefer video content, teaching and fellowship, or books and writing, know that my goal is to provide edifying content that will help you grow in your understanding and appreciation of all that Christ is to you. Let’s journey together and discover the amazing riches of the Gospel!

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A Panoramic View of Law and Grace from Four Perspectives

New Series on Calvinism

Introducing our new blog series on predestination! In this series, we will be exploring the topic of predestination from the perspectives of extreme Calvinism and Arminianism. We will examine the dangers of taking either extreme too far and emphasize the importance of understanding predestination in relation to sonship and inheritance. Join us as we delve into the potential for false comfort in both Calvinism and Arminianism and conclude with the idea that predestination is ultimately about sonship and not just salvation.

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Msg 18 The Apostle and High Priest of “Abba Father” – ministering the atmosphere of sonship.

Introduction II. The Intimacy of our Relationship with God III. The High Priest of our Profession IV. The Role of the High Priest V. The Purpose of Hebrews VI. Conclusion Scripture References: Topics for Search and Further Study Tags:assurance,boldness,christ,christian life,dispensational,dispensationalism,freedom,gospel,hebrews,hebrews study guide,high priest,l,reward,Righteousness,sanctification,sonship

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Hebrews Msg 17 – A Son Over His House – Edification and Confidence

This post discusses the importance of sonship and God’s speaking, Christ’s role in salvation, and building up the body of Christ (edification). It also warns against drifting and winds of doctrine. The author provides biblical references from the book of Hebrews and Luke. The post also includes a test to check understanding. Topics for further

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Hebrews Msg 4 This unique Speaking of God in His Son

Discover the unique speaking of God in His Son through an in-depth analysis of the Everlasting Covenant. Learn about the role of the Law, Abraham, and Christ in humanity’s salvation. Explore the significance of the Inheritance and the Good Land in relation to the promises of the Covenant. Dive deep into the Scriptures with this

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The book of Hebrews is a rich source of biblical prophecy and admonitions for believers. In this message, the speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding Daniel 9:24-27 to avoid prophetic heresy and attacks on one’s assurance and justification. The Jewish people who rejected Christ were warned to flee before the judgment, which was predicted by

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Hebrews Msg 2 Christ the Double Heir

This message discusses Christ as the Double Heir, including His role as the Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the heir of all things, and the ultimate way to enter into God’s promises. The message also covers topics such as justification, inheritance, Israel’s earthly destiny, and the Church’s heavenly destiny. The document includes a

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Hebrews Msg 1 – Intro Msg

The book of Hebrews focuses on the high priesthood of Christ beyond the veil, including his role as high priest and his inheritance. The bread and wine ministry is discussed as a picture of the victory won by Christ. Understanding the high priesthood of Christ beyond the veil is important for our understanding of salvation

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Christ As Our Righteousness, Sanctification and Reward

Christ is the hero of your story. He is your righteousness, your sanctification, and your reward. Don’t try to replace Him with your efforts!

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