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I wrote a book last year, that I turned into a website for awhile, which I’ve recently taken down.

You can download the book here. It’s called “The Believer’s Call as He Approaches – to Watch, to Guard, to Discern and to Warn”


5 thoughts on “Free book”

  1. Hi David, I’m trying to get your free book from your discernment playlist, but it’s not working. Is it no longer available?

    1. HI marla. I forgot i had the link. I need to revise that book as there are some terms that are out of date and not according to what i teach, and may produce confusion. sometimes i lose track of all the links that are pointing everywhere.

  2. I understand. I only recently started listening to your YouTube channel and I bought your ebook Grace Filled Messages On Discipline, enjoying it and binge watching as many of your videos as possible, downloaded 9 free books by Lewis Sperry Chafer and started your videos you did on his teachings. So I have plenty to learn from for now and will be getting your other books as soon as possible. Thank you for your ministry…it’s blessing me so much!

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