Using the Book on the Web

There are a number of ways to approach this book. Although it was written in a linear fashion following a thread of thought, It is broken into four parts. Each part consists of several chapters related to one idea and can stand alone. In fact many of the chapters also can stand alone. I would love for you to read it from beginning to end, but as you browse the sections you might find that one interests you more than another. I encourage you to jump in wherever your appetite leads, and I hope the Lord speaks to you wherever you land!

In addition, the website gives you the option of simply reading the text, or reading along while listening to text to speech, or simply listening. It’s designed so that it should work on any device, whether phone, tablet or laptop.

The book is broken up into four parts, and I’ll briefly summarize them here.


It seems that the more clear it is that the Lord’s approach is immanent, the less Christians are interested in it. In the visible Church, they are actually being taught not to watch for His coming. Will He find us asleep when He comes?


Not only are we charged to watch for His coming, we are watching over our treasure against those that the Lord identifies as Thieves and Robbers. This treasure, which is the gospel, will be the source of our confidence when He appears. We are charged not to allow our house to be broken into, and to hold fast to that which we have been given!


Watching for His coming, and guarding over the deposit that has been committed to us automatically produces discernment regarding everything which differs. Discernment is stigmatized in the churches, but the scripture has answers to the common objections and accusations made against discernment and those who discern.


There are several trends that are swiftly producing radical transformation in the Protestant churches, causing a great upheaval and a departure from truth. The Protestant church is being deliberately infiltrated with the esoteric teachings of the Babylonian Mystery religion wrapped in biblical sounding terminology. A religious system is emerging that is a counterfeit of the kingdom of God. This is a prelude to the global religion of the False Prophet which will be directed toward the worship of Antichrist. This system is anticipated and described in the scripture. Understanding the origin, course and end of Babylon the Great, and understanding God’s hatred for it, is in itself a prophetic warning and a great sign, especially to believers.

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