Chapter 23 Why God Hates Babylon, Section 3 The Luciferic Secret

The Luciferic Secret

There is a hidden aspect of the religion that began at Babel- a “secret” underlying story or “mystery.” It portrays Jehovah as the antagonist in the story of the fall of man which was known to all at that time. In this corrupted view of the story, Lucifer, the Serpent, the “light bearer” and the “true God” in their view – liberated mankind from Jehovah’s “bondage” through the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They believed that mankind’s destiny was to be deified – to become like God. They believed Jehovah sought to deprive mankind of this, but Lucifer promised to bring it to pass.

They also believed that through their blood line the seed of Satan would eventually establish his kingdom on the earth. (This will ultimately culminate in antichrist.) Remember in Genesis 3, God promised the serpent at the fall that he would put enmity between the seed of the woman (Christ) and the seed of the serpent. While God’s revealed purpose concerns the seed of the woman who will crush the Serpent’s head, the occult mysteries have to do with the seed of the serpent.

As the culture divided, although the names changed, the secret “truth” of their religion was carried by a priesthood of initiates, the “stewards” of its “mysteries.  They enshrouded these mysteries in symbols, which show up in every culture. There are many, symbols but some of the noteworthy ones that might be familiar are:

  • The Ziggeraut or Pyramid – a model of the original tower of Babel – representing man’s duplication of Satan’s intention to exalt himself above the mount of God and be worshipped. Also representing the occult building or Plan of the Ages – to establish his kingdom and authority in opposition to God.
  • The “all seeing eye,” often pictured as above an unfinished pyramid – indicating that the plan to establish Satan’s kingdom will be finished when mankind is ready to be “enlightened” or initiated into a Luciferic vision of the universe.
  • Symbols of the Sun and the Serpent are also quite prominent in the mystery religions as both were worshipped, and both have to do with Satan, the Serpent, the “enlightener”.  Nimrod took the dragon as a symbol for himself, and we’ve already seen that he was associated with the sun.
  • Symbols of the Mother-Child – (this is not “Mary and Jesus”) this is Semaramis and an imposter Messiah, Tammuz.

There are many other related symbols, but this is a very brief overview. Adherents to this religion love to incorporate these symbols in their works as a monument to just how much influence they have. They can be found adorning the political, religious and economic institutions of all the major world empires, ours being no exception.

Really just two religions

In reality, there are only two religions in the world. One is found in God’s revelation, the 66 books of the Bible, which tells the history of the fall of man, his promise to redeem, the story of how the seed of the woman came to accomplish His work and the people who were impacted by it.

The other is found in the occult histories, doctrines and teachings that “stewards” of the mystery religions claim to have received from visitations with angels (which the Bible says are the fallen angels). These deify Lucifer as the liberator of mankind. They believe they are tasked with preparing mankind for a final illuminating initiation in which a Luciferic age will be born, and man will realize his divine potential. Typically, this knowledge is a closely guarded secret. The knowledge is granted only to occult initiates (occult just means “knowledge of the hidden”). In the mystery religions, the external rituals, symbols and stories which the populace is involved with have a different meaning than what the occult initiates know. But today there is so much information available that anyone with a little interest can discover the meaning of the symbols in the world religions and see that they all have roots in the same Luciferic story.  These are all well documented in the writings of those who have been initiated into the mysteries for the last several thousand years. The study of who these people are throughout history is fascinating and surprising. They have always been at the center of the levers of power in every empire since Babel.

Secular historians teach the history of the world as the development of successive world empires – organized as man attempts to simply fight the elements and establish order, the real history is the struggle between God and Satan over the destiny of the earth. Praise the Lord we know the winner of that story.

Only the Judeo-Christian tradition stands in apposition to the mysteries, as God called Abraham and his descents out of the world to be separated unto Him. So, of course, Satan’s chief strategy is to infiltrate God’s separated people and involve them with the Babylonian mysteries.

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