Chapter 29 Healthy teaching resources.

In the midst of all of this, there are still faithful stewards of God’s word who labor to produce food for his household. If you find yourself in need of resources to feed your family. I recommend the following websites and ministries:

Roger Oakland – – excellent speaking about the trends in the Church today, especially his four part series which can be found on youtube: “Faith Undone”: Another Jesus, Another Spirit, the Road to Rome and the Road to Babylon. – A lot of research on trends and movements away from truth in the church today. Bill Randles has a lot of great teachings on youtube that are just healthy. He teaches through the Bible and has a gift of really bringing out the truth in a way that’s easy to understand and enjoy. Chuck Missler is a very gifted bible teacher, and his specialty is imparting a hunger for God’s word through demonstrations of its accuracy and precision in even the most minute and unexpected details. Chris Quintana is a faithful minister of the word and has many good expository sermons. – this is a beloved brother who really knows grace and writes for those especially experiencing condemnation in their christian life.

A short video regarding the Jesuit Oath:

The above is from a series well worth watching called “Know your Enemy” from the Fuel Project. This can be found from the same link. It’s an overview of the development of the system that the Bible calls Mystery Babylon from its origins at Babel. It’s very engaging and easy to understand. It has greatly impacted my teenager’s worldview and helped establish a good biblical foundation for the origin and trajectory of the present world system.

Regarding the first and perhaps one of the most important things to discern is the error of Galatianism. The error that is exposed in the book of Galatians is that initial salvation is either through a mix of faith and lawkeeping, or that after initial salvation continuance and growth is through lawkeeping or works. Scofield wrote a century ago:

“We have, most of us, been reared and now live under the influence of Galatianism. Protestant theology, alas, is for the most part, thoroughly Galatianized, in that neither law nor grace are given their distinct and separated places, as in the counsels of God, but are mingled together in one incoherent system. The law is no longer, as in the Divine intent, a ministration of death (2 Corinthians 3:7), of cursing (Galatians 3:10), of conviction (Romans 3:19), because we are taught that we must try to keep it, and that by Divine help we may. Nor, on the other hand, does grace bring us blessed deliverance from the dominion of sin, for we are kept under the law as a rule of life despite the plain declaration, “Sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace” (Romans 6:14).”

This is one of the first and most important errors to be able to discern, and I have not been in a church that is not impacted by it. All of the most subtle errors seem to build on this one. The best resources for growing and staying healthy will deal with this issue head on. Look for writers who focused on the distinction between Law and Grace and endeavoured to lead the believer into an assurance of their position in Christ under the New Covenant of Grace in contrast with everything that went before.
Good Writers: The best writers in many cases have passed. I’ve been through many different seasons in my Christian life, in some cases chasing mirages. The authors that I have consistently returned to that God has used to save me from error have been some of the ones below. For good solid grounding in Biblical truth with a healthy focus on the grace of God I recommend reading:

John Nelson Darby –

C. H. Mackintosh

John Walvord and Lewis Sperry Chafer. These were both heads of Dallas Theological Seminary and produced some of the best teaching materials to help know the Bible. Especially the book “Major Bible Themes” (written by both) is a fantastic way to get into the scripture.

H.A. Ironside – One of the great teachers on grace and Bible Prophecy.

J. Vernon McGee.

William Newell – especially his commentary on Romans. One of the best!

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