Part 4

The Believer’s Call as He Approaches:


There are several trends that are swiftly producing radical transformation in the Protestant churches, causing a great upheaval and a departure from truth.  The Protestant church is being deliberately infiltrated with the esoteric teachings of the Babylonian Mystery religion wrapped in biblical sounding terminology.  A religious system is emerging that is a counterfeit of the kingdom of God.   This is a prelude to the global religion of the False Prophet which will be directed toward the worship of Antichrist.  This system is anticipated and described in the scripture. Understanding the origin, course and end of Babylon the Great, and understanding God’s hatred for it, is in itself a prophetic warning and a great sign, especially to believers.

Chapter 17 The Church in the Last Days, Revival or Apostasy?

Chapter 18 Not Receiving the Love of the Truth

Chapter 19 Sowing Bad Seed

Chapter 20 Accelerated Moves Toward a Counterfeit System

Chapter 21 A Secret Weapon, Small Groups

Chapter 22 The Great Tree, Babylon

Chapter 23 Why God Hates Babylon

Chapter 24 The Global Religious System of the Antichrist

Chatper 25 A Contrast: Precious and Hidden Reality

Chapter 26 A Command to Separate

Chapter 27 Considering the Lord’s Interests

Chapter 28 Warning And Encouragement

Chapter 29 Resources

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