Chapter 27 Considering the Lord’s interests

There are many reasons we might contemplate staying in these systems once we identify them. The music might be good and we might really sense God’s presence in the worship. Our friends might be there. They might have a good youth group. We might be tempted to think “well, I know the Bible. I can eat the food and just throw away the garbage or ignore it.” Others might say “who am I to judge others? We’re all sinful.”

These considerations don’t take into account the Lord’s feeling about these systems and situations. Satan uses these systems to hurt God’s heart by veiling His bride, paralyzing and persecuting His saints and if possible distracting them, turning them away from Him, and even deceiving them to embrace counterfeits. In these environments God’s spirit is both quenched and grieved.

In all of these things we must consider not just our own wants and needs. We need to consider the Lord’s interests. We are to love what He loves and hate what He hates.

Remember, just because the messages are full of Bible verses and scriptures does not mean that they are biblical. The content has to be tested against the whole counsel of God’s word, particularly the prophetic scriptures which tell us what to expect, warning us of what is to come. The one doing the preaching must teach us to have the same kind of expectation that the Bible gives us. If he brands the Bible’s prophetic message as “too negative”, and does not warn and guard the sheep from the wolves and teach them to discern, then even though every word of his message is from the Bible, something is wrong.  As Jesus said “if the light that is in you is darkness, then great is the darkness indeed!”

Some have said “well the people in that church don’t know any better and you should stay and help them.” However, if you stay you have to pretend like you agree. Or you won’t be able to stay long. If you stay for the purpose of “reaching others” you have a subversive agenda, and you are not being honest. We have to go “outside the camp” in order to help anyone else.

I believe that God is going to send people out who are awake, and they are going to learn to be fed by God in the wilderness for a time. Eventually, I also believe many will come out and will need the testimonies and lessons learned by those who have gone before.

The situation is only going to get worse, and there is going to be a greater and greater distinction and separation between those being prepared for the Lord and those who are going another way.

The word right now to the Church is to watch for the Lord’s coming, to be aware of the signs that immediately precede it. It is to guard the deposit and stay focused, delighting in the word of the Lord and the truth presented in the Gospel. It is to discern that which differs and more excellent, and finally it is to be ready if necessary to separate from that which is evil – to not partake in that which displeases the Lord.

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