Preaching the Gospel to Myself – Vol 1 – Devotional EBOOK

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This is a digital edition for use with your desktop,  ipad or phone.   There are two files. A PDF and an EPUB.  The EPUB is speciifically formatted to be compatible with any device, maintaining good pagination and allowing you to adjust the font size easily.   However to use it you need a free EPUB reader.  There are many available at the microsoft, google play and itunes stores just type “free epub reader”.   Once you install the reader, you should be able to double click the .epub file and it’ll open.

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In the midst of life’s busyness, believers often lose sight of the Gospel’s fundamental truths that shape their identity in Christ. This devotional aims to address that by encouraging readers to regularly remind themselves of the Gospel. It helps readers internalize Scripture’s truths on a heart level, going beyond mere intellectual understanding. The devotional explores key verses that reveal our position and identity in Christ, regardless of our circumstances. Each section includes a prayer and confession to foster intimate fellowship with God. By meditating on God’s Word and abiding in Christ, our minds are renewed by the Spirit, confirming our status as beloved children of God. Instead of passively reading the Bible, this devotional invites readers to reflect prayerfully on the implications of their position in Christ, transforming objective facts into a subjective experience. This process strengthens faith, enhances assurance, and establishes a foundation of peace and joy that cannot be taken away. The devotional empowers believers to break free from the enemy’s lies and walk in freedom. It serves as a simple yet powerful tool to renew oneself through the refreshing truth of the Gospel.

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  1. This book has shed light on the Gospel in a way that no church or person ever has. I myself wasn’t able to read the Scripture without feeling condemned but this gives me a whole new lens to look through. Even when things are shaky, it’s an amazing comfort to be able to fall back on these truths that we have; Jesus Christ!

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Preaching the Gospel to Myself – Vol 1 – Devotional EBOOK
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