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A Companion Guide to Galatians – Equipping You to Recognize Truth

Unlock the treasures in Galatians with this versatile companion guide! Designed to equip you to engage directly with God’s Word, this guide includes:

  •  Expository outlines tracing key Galatians themes verse-by-verse
  •  Condensed theological summaries of the biblical commentary (Galatians, Christ in Me as Life, The Spirit as the Blessing of the Gospel).  Can be used with the commentary to get deeper into it, or as a standalone with Galatians.
  •  Reflective questions to deepen understanding
  •  Glossary of key terms
  •  Flexible resources for individual study or group lessons

Get more than just a commentary – gain the tools to confidently approach God, speak spiritual truths, and resist deception. Let the living Word implant itself deeply through repeated scriptural encounters using this guide. Move beyond accumulating facts into true transformation and fellowship.

Whether you’re an individual learner, teacher, or minister, this companion guide will energize you with “ah ha” moments. Experience the Word anew, like a map revealing contours you’ve never noticed before. Ignite a fire within to lead others into biblical truth!

Equip yourself to recognize truth, discern error, and apply Galatians with this invaluable companion. Dive deeper into the treasures found in Christ alone!



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  1. I only just now finished the first overview chapter and I can already say this study guide is pure gold (and silver and precious stones)! It absolutely helps to look up the verses by yourself and read them aloud and/or write them down, and after that, answer the questions in your own words. Absolutely recommended!

    – Michiel

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