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About the Book

Over 100 years ago, Scofield said that even the Protestant Church was thoroughly “Galatianized.” Today, 99% of Christian teaching perpetuates Galatian error. The book of Galatians refutes the notion that having been justified by faith, we continue the Christian life by being “perfected in the flesh” through various forms of Law-Keeping. The short book of Galatians is so powerful. When it is rightly understood, it is news that most Christians deem to be “too good to be true.” Galatians brings the light of the Gospel the entirety of the Christian life, not just it’s beginning.

Paul’s teaching in Galatians is that the Christian life is a matter of “Not I, but Christ.” The liberating truth is that the Christian life is a gift, lived not by effort, rule-keeping, or striving to perfect oneself, but by the supply of the Spirit through the hearing of faith. We entered the Christian life by hearing the Gospel and believing it. We received the Spirit of promise. We continue in the Christian life in the same way we began it, by the simple hearing of faith, under a continued supply of the Spirit.

The Spirit in Chapter 3 is the Blessing of the Gospel and is the reality of Christ’s life in us. The Christian life is given to us as a gift. Justification did not just qualify us to “go to heaven.” Justification positions us before God now so that we have the right to enjoy God and expect the fruit of the Spirit. The demand has been rolled off of us (“not I”) and has been put on Christ’s shoulders (“but Christ”). The life we now live is a matter of the Spirit supplying the life of Christ to us by faith.

This book is 365 pages and is Divided into Three Parts:

Part 1 Covering Galatians 1 & 2 Important Historical Background, Definining the “Present Evil Age” And a Breakdown of Paul’s Rebuke to Peter

Part 2 Covering Galatians 3 – The Spirit as the Reality of “Christ In Me”, the Blessing of the Gospel and our Inheritance

Part 3 Covering Chapters 4-6 Walking in the Spirit as an Heir vs Walking in the Flesh as an Ass –The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob shows His Ways in Allegories and Types


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Galatians – Christ in Me As Life – the Spirit as the Blessing of the Gospel – Paperback (Shipped To You)
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