Dealing with Fear and Condemnation as a Believer- Video Playlist

Most Christians I have met, if they are honest, have struggled with knowing that they have peace with God. Many believe God loves them “because the Bible tells them so” but they are not convinced He likes them! They believe that He is assessing their position before Him based on their performance, and they’re coming up “short.” This produces an incredible weight of anxiety and is called a “spirit of bondage and fear.”

The Sprint of bondage and fear is not a “demon that is attacking” you. It is part of the old nature and the carnal mind that we inherited from Adam. since the fall, man’s natural tendency is to shrink back and to hide and to cover ourselves and attempt to justify ourselves when the presence of God comes near.

This is a collection of some practical messages about dealing with anxiety and performance related issues in the Christian life and how the Gospel teaches us to see ourselves in Christ.