Holiness From Assurance (Not the Other Way Around!) – Ebook

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Unfortunately, most Christians are taught that they cannot have peace with God, a blessed Christian life, or assurance that they are pleasing to Him unless they are “holy” in behavior.  The prevailing notion is that holy behavior is the path to peace and blessings. Knowing we have peace with God, and are blessed, is called “assurance.” The scripture tells us that assurance does not come as a result of holy behavior, but is the source of holiness!  As we become assured through the doctrine of Christ that we already have peace with God, are blessed, and are pleasing to Him because of Christ, holiness results!

Assurance is absolute confidence concerning what God has said about who we are in Christ and what He’s accomplished for us. When we become fully assured of our standing before Him, we become bold and confident to approach Him.  This boldness is not because we have seen something in ourselves to commend ourselves to God, but because God has already accepted us based on the Person and work of Christ.

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Holiness From Assurance (Not the Other Way Around!) – Ebook
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