The Color Pencil Bible Method

You can download the New Testament Epistles here and print them out to use the “Color Pencil Method” to enhance your understanding of scripture.

Understanding the scripture does not require that you be a learned scholar! The best way for EVERYONE to understand the scripture is to SLOW DOWN and let the word ENTER you.

Ps 119:130 “The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.”

It is the entrance of the word that gives us light, and understanding to the simple. We tend to think that simple means “stupid”. But I like to think of simple in terms of being without all kinds of arguments and reasonings that bog us down, and to be single in our focus. Many things can be HIDDEN in complexity, but in SIMPLICTY, everything is open and revealed!

The Color Pencil method is a way to be simple in our approach to the Bible, and let the Bible speak for itself. It is a really relaxing, meditative way to approach the scripture. The key is not to rush, or to worry about HOW MUCH you get through, but to really SEE what you DO get through. Applying the above color key is one way to slow down and SEE the word and let it ENTER you.

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