Dealing with Sin in the Life of The Believer

Dealing with Sin in the Life of The Believer

There is very little teaching in the church about practical dealing with sin. We are told “not to do it” and we are told that if we do, we’ll be disciplined, or punished, and miss blessings and rewards. Most of the things we are told about sin are actually contrary to the Gospel of Christ (which is actually the remedy for sin).

This is a collection of messages I gave candidly dealing with the topic of sin. The most important thing to know about sin is that the Law is the strength of sin, and 90% of the power of sin in our life comes from condemnation!

Romans 6:14 begins Paul’s talk about our death to the law and our life in Christ with the statement, “Sin shall not lord it over you, for you are no longer under law but under grace.” The most important thing for a Christian to see regarding sin is that the only escape is through our death with Christ. That death is not only a death to sin but a death to God’s demand on the flesh. We need to agree with God’s judgment on our flesh, that it cannot produce anything that satisfies Him, and that as long as we walk in the flesh, we will see sin, death, and condemnation as we sow to it and reap corruption.

A believer must see that he is accepted in Christ and reckon on his position in God’s grace. He needs to see that because of redemption, his sins do not cause God to turn His back on him and that even in times where we live in the consequences of “BIG SINS,” we can still enjoy peace with God. A believer must see that he has no power over sin and cannot “clean himself up.” Christ came as the physician for sinners and is the savior of sinners.

Here we are not talking about “little sins” like getting mad in traffic or not tipping your Starbucks waitress. This playlist is for people who have been overcome by sin, feel that they’re drowning in sin, and have committed “BIG” sins that have wrecked lives, and now they’re living in the wreckage. They are in fear and condemnation and they tend to shrink back from God, thinking they can have no part of Christ and no part in grace. Of course, with that kind of mentality, there is no power to deal with sin, and only the guarantee that more sin is coming! Sadly this is reinforced by the terrible teaching.

There is practical deliverance from sin, but we first must deal with its strength – the condemnation from the law which allows sin to “lord it over us.” That is the focus of many of these messages. We’ve seen many lives changed as a result of these messages. People have embraced their freedom in Christ and have testified that while they were previously drowning in additions and sins but as a result of the clarifying truth concerning our death with Christ to the LAW and our life in Him in grace, their whole life has changed. (Not as a result of effort, but as a fruit of learning to REST in Christ’s love!)

The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. There are quite a lot of videos in this playlist.

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