Romans Video Playlist

Romans Video Playlist

Verse by Verse through Romans!

Romans is referred to by many as the “5th” Gospel. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John focus on the living and ministry of Christ on the earth from the time of His incarnation until his resurrection and ascension. Romans pick up where these leave off, with Christ seated in the Heavens at the right hand of God. He has purged our Sins. He has become our propitiation. He has demonstrated that God is righteous and is also just in justifying ungodly sinners who “work not” but believe in Him, and now He has become our righteousness.

Apart from works, and apart from the Law, He has made peace with God for us, and we now have access by faith to this “grace in which we stand” and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.

Furthermore, He has sent his Spirit into us, the Spirit of Sonship, to be our life. Christ is our righteousness in Heaven and our life on earth. By His life, He is bringing us into the atmosphere of sonship so that we live free from condemnation, the spirit of bondage and fear, and slavery to sin. He delivers us from this atmosphere and brings us into the pleasing atmosphere of Sonship bearing witness that we are children of God and joint heirs with Christ. Now He is working everything together for our good to bring us into glory as brothers conformed to the image of Christ!

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