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Hebrews – Msg #24 “The Training of the High Priest”

The Bible teaches that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, with the book of Hebrews providing an in-depth explanation of this concept. The gospel, which includes Christ’s accomplishments of redemption, reconciliation, and peace with God, is essential for salvation and holiness. Grace is found in Jesus Christ and can be experienced even while grappling with …

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What does it mean that for “me to live is Christ”?

Learn about living as a Christian through faith in Christ with this informative article. Discover the importance of drawing on the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and how to live more and more dependent upon Him to satisfy us. Explore the deep understanding and appreciation for the Gospel message, and how Christ is the source of righteousness and power for sanctification. Understand the new life in the Spirit through Him, and the importance of understanding and believing in our new identity in Christ. This article emphasizes that the Gospel is about Jesus Christ, not the individual, and that Christ is the center of the Gospel message. Keywords include Christ, Christian life, gospel, grace, law versus grace, and sanctification.

If Abraham was justified by faith, and I’m justified the same way, what is different about us?

Learn about justification by faith and its implications for believers. Examining Abraham’s justification, we see that he was not regenerated to become a son of God, unlike present-day believers who are sealed with the Spirit of Promise and made heirs. This difference highlights God’s intention for a new creation, where believers are regenerated to become sons of God and justified through faith in Christ. Flesh cannot be justified by the Law, and it is only through faith in Christ that we can be justified before God. Both Abraham and present-day believers were justified by believing in Christ, but present-day believers have the added benefit of being baptized into Him and sharing a heavenly position and blessing as joint heirs with Christ. Explore supporting verses and more on the Christ Our Righteousness hub.

When God holds your nose to make you drink:

“The flesh is untrainable. It’s like a wild ass. According to Galatians 4, the flesh is like Ishmael, a bondservant that’s always trying to work for a wage and persecute the children of promise, and it’s eventually cast out. And remember, Ishmael was a wild ass of a man, and his hand was against all …

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Exploring the History Behind Our Understanding of The New Creation

In my last video, here “the history behind our understanding of the new creation,” I talked about the present understanding of the nature of grace based on truths that were progressively discovered in the scriptures since the time of the reformation. Luther’s clarification of justification by faith alone, which is the distinction between law and …

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