Hebrews – Msg #27 “Conceiving of a Love, A High Priesthood and a Sacrifice without Reference to Sin”

Exploring the the complexity and significance of the high priesthood of Christ. Discusses the everlasting covenant, the ingredients of Christ's high priesthood, and the value of human life in God's eyes. The outline also touches on the concept of a corporate entity and the concept of a love and sacrifice without reference to sin. Encourages …

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Who are the thieves and the robbers?

Learn about the thieves and robbers who oppose the Gospel of grace. These individuals have not entered through the door, which is Jesus, and speak against the simplicity of the Gospel. They aim to steal, kill, and destroy by deceiving believers and speaking against the message of faith. Jesus describes them as thieves and robbers who come to steal precious treasures, which is the Gospel of grace. Beware of hirelings who do not care for the sheep and enable the wolves to run around freely. Look for the porters who know the shepherd’s voice and speak the truth without compromise. Keep your focus on Jesus Christ, the true and only way to salvation. Keywords: Gospel, Jesus Christ, Thieves and Robbers, Deception, Simplicity of the Gospel, Faith, Grace.

How do we know we love the brethren?

Learn about loving the brethren and recognizing them as fellow believers in Christ who have been justified by faith and made children of God. This love is demonstrated through action and is a reflection of God’s love for us. Cain’s hatred for Abel stemmed from his refusal to acknowledge God’s way of justifying sinners, and instead insisted on works righteousness. To love the brethren is to acknowledge them as God’s children, in contrast to the antichrists who hate the brethren and do not recognize the children of God. Explore more about Christ’s righteousness and its significance in our lives at Christians Need the Gospel.

Is “Preaching the Gospel” to yourself Just Repeating a Mantra?

Learn about the importance of preaching the Gospel to yourself in this informative article. Discover how the Gospel is not just a one-time event for salvation, but an ongoing source of power and assurance in your relationship with Christ. Explore the significance of the Gospel, including its role as the power of God unto salvation, the source of our confidence, and our inheritance as children of God. Find practical tips for preaching the Gospel to yourself, such as constantly reminding yourself of its message and recognizing its ongoing power in your life. Don’t miss out on the importance of this daily practice for your Christian life.

Sin, feelings of guilt and numbness

Someone asked on my youtube video today about the fact hat he feels guilty for not wanting to stop drinking.  I’m posting my answer because i believe many face similar issues with besetting sin or addictions. If you feel guilty about not wanting to stop drinking, it means that your struggle is complex. You may …

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The Pauline defintion of Dispensationalism

Paul’s language, which describes his ministry, gives us the origin of the phrase “dispensation”: The word “dispensation” is one possible translation of a Greek word, “oikonomia” which means “household law.” In the English KJV, that word is translated “administration” (Eph 1:10), dispensation (Col 1:25-27; Eph 3:1-5), stewardship (lk 16:2) and godly edification (1 Tim 1:4). …

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