Two Mountains, Four Views – Law and Grace Contrasted – Paperback

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Paperback – 176 pages.


4 Mountains Two Views is a book that explores the contrasting principles and people gathered to Sinai and Zion as presented in Galatians 4, Hebrews 12, 2 Cor 3, and Romans 7 and 8.

This comprehensive exploration offers a sweeping, all-encompassing, and detailed examination of the principles and people who gather around Sinai and Zion—symbols of law and grace. Discover the sharp distinction between law and grace, as seen through the contrasting experiences of those connected to Sinai and those who find security in Zion, beholding the glory of Jesus Christ.

The person tethered to Sinai perceives God as a terrifying, fearsome, and dark cloud of woe at the top of a mountain, which they are not even allowed to approach. To them, God is an intolerable and consuming fire, and they feel fear and trembling at the mere thought of God. They stand at the base of this mountain, consumed by their sins, with no solution and nothing but a sentence of death from this mighty and terrible God. Consequently, they are unable to relate to God, and there is no intimacy between them, and they have no peace with anyone else.

Those in Zion are no longer trembling at the foot of the mountain but are in the heavens with God unveiled, Beholding His glory, lvoving His offspring, seeing His work and His person manifested in everything around them in the city of the living God. They become partakers of the ministry of the New Testament, the ministry of righteousness and the ministry of the Spirit, which gives life. This ministry produces a community produced out of fellowship and a sense of each other and of God.

By immersing yourself in “4 Mountains, 2 Views,” you will gain a deep, enduring understanding of the divergent principles and individuals associated with Sinai and Zion, as outlined in Galatians 4, Hebrews 12, 2 Corinthians 3, and Romans 7 and 8. Key insights include:

  • Grasping the contrasting principles and people of Sinai and Zion
  • Discerning the stark difference between law and grace
  • Comprehending the mindset and challenges of those bound to Sinai
  • Identifying the deceptive, legalistic Judaizers who misinterpret the Word
  • Embracing the splendor, liberation, and inheritance of Zion’s children
  • Honing the ability to distinguish between the “earthly” and the heavenly

Acquiring such a comprehensive perspective will empower you to steadfastly uphold the freedom we possess in Christ!

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  1. Absolutely wonderful. This teaching set me free and filled me with so much assurance. The writer is wonderful and explains things in a way that you can really grasp what the gospel is and the difference between freedom and fear. A must read.

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Two Mountains, Four Views – Law and Grace Contrasted – Paperback
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