Romans 1-8: Christ Our Righteousness in Heaven – Our Life on Earth – PAPERBACK SHIPPED TO YOU!

Romans – the 5th Gospel

Romans is called by many the “fifth gospel.” It is “Paul’s gospel.” Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell the story of Jesus here on earth from His incarnation to His death and His resurrection, and His ascension. The significance of these events, especially everything accomplished in His death and resurrection, did not become clear (in teaching) until after He went to Heaven and sat down at the right hand of God.

Paul’s Gospel describes what Christ is doing now, not only in the heavens before God (as our High Priest and Advocate, Propitiation and Righteousness) but also as the Spirit in us.

Romans 1-4 shows us the function of the law, which was to bring us to an agreement with God’s judgment on the fallenness of man. This was exhibited in the cross of Christ. Christ is our righteousness. He is manifested in the Heavens, apart from the law. He is God’s righteousness put on display, and God is vindicated in being able to deal with us, even though we are sinners. By faith in Him, we are “justified,” which not only brings us forgiveness of sins but qualifies us for the inheritance and makes us heirs together with Christ!

Romans 5-8, teaches us to agree that we were not only forgiven but we were righteously judged and “put away” (crucified) with Christ, the Last Adam. Now God has begun something New with the resurrection of Christ, who dwells in us as the Spirit (Rom 8:9-11). The main Goal of His working in us is to bring us out of the atmosphere of condemnation, death, slavery, bondage, and fear and into the liberty of the sons of God and the atmosphere of the Spirit of sonship (Rom 8:1,2,6,12,15-17). Thus we will walk according to the Spirit, and we “reign in life by the one, Jesus Christ” (Rom 5:17).




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This is the Paperback Edition.

As a 6×9, this was going to be almost 600 pages, so I changed the formatting to a 7×10, which allowed me to maintain the BIG PRINT (many have given great feedback on larger print) and get things down to 459 pages rather than having to release two volumes.  The price is a little higher than what you would expect from a paperback book at a store. However I am not a volume seller so I have to absorb printing and shipping costs.

Romans Commentary on chapters 1-8.

Part 1: Christ our Righteousness in Heaven.

Part 2: Christ our life on Earth.


While waiting for your order, you will also be able to read the ebook. You should receive a link in an email.

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2 reviews for Romans 1-8: Christ Our Righteousness in Heaven – Our Life on Earth – PAPERBACK SHIPPED TO YOU!

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  1. I’m going through this book slowly with my older children almost like a devotional. We read and discuss. And because we homeschool, I occasionally ask them to narrate back verbally or written what they are picking up from our discussions. This has been a relaxing study. But it’s also transformative. We are seeing the book of Romans as the foundation by which we read all the rest of the scriptures…through the lens of Paul’s gospel which is the mystery he received and we have believed!

  2. This book is wonderful and points the believer to Jesus and the truth of the gospel. Follow along with scripture in Romans and see the truth apart from any piecemeal doctrine that has left you in bondage. I especially appreciate how the chapters build upon each other and create in the believer a joy in Christ that’s real and restful and the recognition of Christ in you.

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Romans 1-8: Christ Our Righteousness in Heaven – Our Life on Earth – PAPERBACK SHIPPED TO YOU!
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