Progressive Revelation and Paul’s Gospel (Fundamental Bible Series book 1) – PAPERBACK

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This book is a 5×8 and is about 110 pages with 14 point font (slightly larger font, easy on the eyes!)  I can usually get these shipped to your doorstep within a couple of days.


Progressive Revelation and Paul’s Gospel” is a short book that emphasizes the importance of understanding the principle of progressive revelation in biblical interpretation. Lack of this undersatnding and lack of appreciation for the significance of Paul’s teachings by default results in attempts to synchronize law with grace throughout the entirety of the Christian life. The content of the revelation given to Paul is seen as authoritative because it was imparted to him by the ascended Christ and contains mysteries once hidden, revealing Christ as the embodiment of God and the church as the mystery of Christ.

Some of the contents of the book include:

  • The concept of progressive revelation and its importance in understanding the scriptures
  • The supernatural design of the Bible and its interactive meaning
  • Examples of divine revelation unfolding gradually over time, such as with Cain and Abel, the Seed of the Woman, and the Shedding of Blood
  • The significance of “Paul’s” gospel and the mysteries revealed through it
  •  Solid doctrinal grounding for believers to have confidence in every area of their life and to see Christ as their righteousness, sanctification, and reward.

This comes with two electronic editions that you can use on your device while you wait for your book to arrive.  the EPUB can be used with kindle and there are instructions on the first page how to email this to your kindle device.


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Progressive Revelation and Paul’s Gospel (Fundamental Bible Series book 1) – PAPERBACK
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