Christ as Satisfaction – The Reality of Sanctification-ebook

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Christ is really the whole Christian life. That’s God’s intention. God wants Christ to be our life. The “proper” Christian life is a manifestation of Christ. He is the answer to all of your desires. He is also the answer to all of God’s desires! He is here to quench our thirst. “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness. They shall be filled” (Mt 5:6).

But how are they filled? Christ is the filling! Yes, I hunger and thirst for righteousness, but if I pursue something other than Christ as a substitute, I’m still thirsty. Institutional Churches teach that if we sin, God will punish us, and the pastors believe that Christians sin because they want to. That is not the case!

The teaching that Christ is our satisfaction, especially in John, makes everything so simple. He’s our food. He is our drink. He’s the bread from heaven. He’s the living water. He’s the oil, and He’s the wine. He’s the riches of the good land. He’s the milk and the honey and the fat and everything. He’s here to be your satisfaction and if you drink of Him, you won’t thirst.

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Christ as Satisfaction – The Reality of Sanctification-ebook
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