Hebrews 2022 Study Guides

  • The Dangers of Redefined Faith: Why Calvinism Undermines the Gospel

    As Christians, we must be diligent in scrutinizing any theological framework that distorts the core truths of the gospel. This FAQ delves into the central issues with Calvinist theology, revealing how it redefines crucial concepts like faith, predestination, and justification – undermining the very essence of salvation by grace through belief in Christ alone. Through…

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  • Soteriological implicaitons of “another justification”

    Without allowing for the historical context given to us in Acts and Galatians, which clearly shows us the theological problems that were happening in Jerusalem and what was being taught there erroneously, and treating James’ letter as an apostolic document (he was not an apostle!) rather than a historical/wisdom document that should be included in…

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  • Hebrews 31 – The Gospel gives Me the Recipe, My High Priest cooks and serves it!

    Hebrews 6 provides insight into the nature of our salvation through Christ. The Davidic covenant and the Abrahamic covenant are combined into one everlasting covenant between the Father and the Son, highlighting Christ’s unique role as both king and priest in fulfilling God’s promises to his people. The Davidic covenant is central to the argument…

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