Hebrews 2022 Study Guides

  • Hebrews 31 – The Gospel gives Me the Recipe, My High Priest cooks and serves it!

    Hebrews 6 provides insight into the nature of our salvation through Christ. The Davidic covenant and the Abrahamic covenant are combined into one everlasting covenant between the Father and the Son, highlighting Christ’s unique role as both king and priest in fulfilling God’s promises to his people. The Davidic covenant is central to the argument…

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  • Hebrews Msg 30 – Our Food is Hidden Within the Veil

    Distinguishing between milk and meat is a matter of handling things that are unseen and being willing to bear the reproach of those who ridicule it as foolishness.

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  • Hebrews – Msg #29 “Diffusing the ‘Scary Verses’”

    This teaching covers Hebrews 6:1-6 and emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s faith and avoiding false doctrines. It encourages believers to abide in Christ and not be moved away from the message of the gospel. Warns against being carried away by false teachings and traditions of men and clarifies that believers cannot lose their salvation,…

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