Galatians – Christ in Me As Life – the Spirit as the Blessing of the Gospel

Galatians – Christ in Me As Life – the Spirit as the Blessing of the Gospel

Unfortunately most people have been taught that Galatians only deals with “how to get saved” and has no relevance for the Christian life. This is because Paul tells us that justification itself is being attacked. However in most people’s minds justification just means “how to get to heaven when I die.” With this shallow definition, Christian pastors and teachers have been able to teach that “justification” is a free gift, but everything else is by works, including “blessings and rewards.” Most of the Church has been brought under the error that Paul addresses in Galatians without realizing it. In fact the church today is SATURATED with Galatian error.

Justification is not just a free gift that sends you to “heaven when you die.” Justification gives you peace with God today, and gives you the blessing – which is the Spirit. Justification makes you a joint heir with Jesus Christ, and gives you everything that He has. You are no longer a slave, needing to work for a wage. You are a son an an heir.

In contrast to the legalistic error taught by the judaizers in Paul’s day and the pastors in ours, Paul taught that the Christian life is not a matter of striving to earn something from God. It is a matter of Christ in Me as Life, which is the Spirit. Christ is the Life, and the Spirit is the blessing we have received. This is what justification has secured.

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