Fundamental Bible Truths – Video Series

Fundamental Bible Truths – Video Series

Walking through “Major Bible Themes” by Lewis Sperry Chafer

The book, Major Bible Themes, was one of the only Christian books I had as a new believer, along with a Strongs concordance, an Interlinear and a KJV and a couple of dictionaries. The messages in that book built a strong foundation for me to avoid a lot of pitfalls in my Christian life in later years. Also, a lot of the pitfalls that I did NOT avoid could have been avoided if I had understood everything in that book!

The book itself reads fairly dry and is very academic. In this series we went through it but spoke to its contents by inspiration as the Spirit gave utterance. The response from my subscribers was very enthusiastic, they really enjoyed the content, and the Holy Spirit gave us a lot of light beyond the messages themselves. This is a really good series if you are wanting to a Christ – Centered, Grace saturated, “Big Picture” view of what God is doing in the universe and in the life of believers!

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