Chapter 23 Why God Hates Babylon, Section 7 – Back to the Beginning

Back to the Beginning

While Jezebel and her children have infiltrated the church in the past, in this case it is different, because it is accompanied with very potent and powerful displays and manifestations of the supernatural that will increase. Furthermore, in this final thrust, there will be an appearance of the very spiritual personages that began all of the trouble in the first place.

According to the New Testament, the Angels that sinned in Genesis 6 were put in chains until the time of judgement.  This is referred to in 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 1:6. In both of these passages, the comparison is being made between the false teachers and these angels, saying that their judgement will be the same.

Peter says:

2Pe 2:4   God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.

The word he uses for “hell” in the Greek is “Tartarus.” This is the only place where the word is used in the Bible. It is interesting that this is a word from Greek Mythology and was the abyss that was the prison of the Titans, which we already connected to the Nephilim and the Gibborim from Genesis 6.  Both Jude and Peter say that they are kept in chains until the time of judgement.  According to the book of Enoch (which is quoted by Jude but is considered apocryphal and non authoritative),  they were bound as a judgment for 70 generations.  Afterwards they were to be released for the judgment.

In Revelation 9, in what is called the “fifth trumpet judgment,” John shows us the key to the abyss given to a star that falls from heaven to the earth.  The stars in Revelation are said to be angels.  This one “fell”.  He uses this key to open the abyss, and what is released is an army of “locusts.”  They are released to torment people on the earth for five months.  The description of them is very strange and we really can’t know what they truly are, but according to verse 11, they have a King over the, whose name is Abbadon in the Hebrew, but in the Greek he is known as “Apollyon”.

Apollyon is another name for Apollos, the son of Zeus.  According to the book, Greek Myths and Mesopotamia: Parallels and Influence in the Homeric Hymns and Hesiod, Charles Penglase carefully and methodically demonstrates that the Greek myths and legends of Apollo were simply Greek retellings of the Babylonian myths involving the rise to power of the of the Biblical figure, Nimrod.

While it is by no means the main theme, God clearly in His word wanted us to know that the Angels that sinned in Genesis 6, Nimrod, false teachers in the Church and the spirit of Jezebel, the Babylonian Mysteries, the Great Tree and the Women with the Leaven in Matthew 13, are all connected  and consummate finally in the system known as “Mystery Babylon the Great” at the end of the Bible, which is the subject of God’s wrath and judgment.

Again, we simply cannot imagine the nature of things on earth after the rapture of the Church any more than we can understand what they were like before the flood. We can only  be aware what men and movements are doing in the earth and in the church today, what their expectations are, and how this lines up with what the Bible tells us will happen.

Through this background we can clearly see why God hates Babylon and why Jesus so angrily says that He will “kill Jezebel’s children” who have been seducing God’s people to participate in what amounts to spiritual fornication. We’ve already seen this but I’ll say it again. This system is being built up by people who know what they are building, and their methods and agendas are deliberately deceitful.

This is not to say that everyone who is involved with it at a leadership level knows the “depths of Satan.” The way Satan’s plans work are through a heirarchy of human actors. Only at the top of the hierarchy do you find those who are fully aware of his purposes. These are kept a guarded secret. However these are the teachers and mentors to countless thousands of leaders who for various reasons have been led astray from the truth and are participating in building up a counterfeit system. Many of these have been deceived and believe they are serving the Lord. Many are serving their own interests and appetites. Jesus knows, which is why He says that when He deals with these false teachers all the churches will know that He is the Lord who “searches the reigns of the hearts..

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