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This website is an expansion of my Youtube Channel, where I provide a distinctive viewpoint that portrays Christ as the essence of the Christian life, including our righteousness, sanctification, and reward. I have generated several books and this website based on this teaching, and I intend to continue offering them for free. While this subscription doesn’t provide any exclusive teaching resources, there are a few perks available to patrons.

As a Patron member, you will receive access to exclusive benefits such as:


      1. Member forums and community board (currently being developed): A chance to connect and fellowship with other like-minded individuals who share the same passion for the Bible.

      1. Free preview chapters of upcoming books: You’ll get early access to our upcoming books before they are released to the public, giving you a sneak peek into our latest teachings.

      1. Q&A and fellowship sessions: You’ll have the opportunity to join our live Q&A sessions and connect with us in a Discord setting. We may also have occasional livestreams exclusively for our Patron members.

      1. Chatbooks: a future possibility is to have a gpt model that can answer questions regarding my books, breaking down the content in different ways.  This is a work in progress though because the technology itself needs to mature a little bit to make these things more consistent.

    By subscribing to our Patron membership, you are helping me to continue to produce high-quality content and make it available for free or for a donation. Thank you for supporting our ministry and joining us on this journey! The pricing for Yearly and Monthly works out the same, but please be aware of the membership terms that you can find on the subscription page.


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